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The SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes CoViD-19 disease, is causing a lot of fear in our nation today.  While a formidable virus that poses a very real danger to many, much of the panic and fear is secondary to our ignorance of this virus and what its true characteristics are.  Much is being learned, but it will likely be in retrospect (once the virus is subsiding) that we will know if all the measures being taken were enough, or perhaps too much.

The data we are certain of is that it is very contagious, that it is predominantly spread via respiratory droplets and fomites (shared objects), and that the elderly and immunocompromised are at increased risk of mortality.  Numbers from Italy, specifically Milan, indicate that while children do catch the virus, serious illness is much less common.  Milan reported zero pediatric ICU admissions 3 weeks into the pandemic in Italy.

Testing will become more available in time, but unless a person is seriously ill, a positive test will currently change little in what we are doing, especially in children.  This may change in time as we learn more, but currently having asymptomatic people, or mildly ill children for that matter,  go in for testing may actually exacerbate the spread.    Already, as we stand today, any one ill should self-isolate until asymptomatic for at least 3 days.  If you have known close/intimate exposure to CoVid-19, Isolate for 2 weeks AND until asymptomatic for 3 days.  For children with chronic medical problems, guidance from us or your subspecialist may be of benefit at the onset of any cough or fever.

If isolating and respiratory distress develops, taking your child to an ER will be necessary.  If isolating and a fever of 100.4 develops, call and speak with our clinic on what should be done.  Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that kids do very well, in general, with this illness.  DO NOT, however, expose an ill child to grandparents or other at-risk people

It is important during this time period to keep young children, especially those under 2, current on well checks and immunizations.  Lack of current immunizations poses a greater risk to your child than the virus itself.  Measures have been taken in our clinic to isolate well checks from sick visits.  The two are separated by both time and location.

We will, with God’s grace, be here for you throughout this ordeal.  We pray that each of our families not only stays healthy, but practices caution without being fearful, and experiences peace rather than panic.


                                                                                                Dr. Marsh and Staff.



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